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Bonus Challenges - Adventure Roo Kangaroo comes with 4 extra challenges. 

(16 Challenges in total - currently in the game Adventure Roo Kangaroo which includes the extra challenges) 

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Future Updated Releases to include: 

 - Extra Challenges to be added in future releases 

 - More Australian animal characters to be added in future releases and environmental obstacles 

 - More environmental effects to be added in future releases of new challenges 

 - Enhanced menu control system and further menu options in future releases

Game Features 

Gain points in Adventure Roo Kangaroo by collecting Stars and Fruit such as Apples and Berries. Discover animals such as the Koala Bear, Dingos, Emus, Kangaroos - Red Kangaroo, Grey Kangaroo, Snakes and other Reptiles, the Magpie, Kookaburras and many different Australian Birds.

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 AdventureRoo Free Versions as above.

Adventure Roo Kangaroo for Windows Phone devices: Version

All Other Devices are currently: Version 1.3.6


Updated 07/08/2015 for the game Adventure Roo V-1.3.6 - Scene Enhancement of Gradients

Adventure Roo - Current Version 1.3.6

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ADVENTURE ROO - Kangaroo Game App 

Press Release 8-3-18
New Version of "Adventure Roo Kangaroo" to be released soon

In the game - Adventure Roo Kangaroo, Use simple swipe motions to move kangaroo and jump over obstacles. 

Along the way, Jungaroo a young Kangaroo, will encounter animals in the outback of Australia such as crocodiles. 

Adventure Roo is a fun game for all ages. Discover animals of the Australian bush while unlocking challenges. 

With new updates and new releases, expect to see more native animals of Australia in the game - Adventure Roo Kangaroo. Currently 16 Challenges. 

NEW UPDATE AdventureRoo Free: Free Version 1.3.6 also available, currently with 9 Challenges. 

For iPhone and iPad > Free Version of AdventureRoo
Also Compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, iphone 7, iphone 8

For Windows Phone > Free Version of AdventureRoo 

The NEW Enhanced Night Mode in Adventure Roo Kangaroo and AdventureRoo Free is currently available in versions 1.3.6

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